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The 'Orrible 'Ead

On the right-hand side of Eagle Street at No.11 there is a grotesque face over a door. A tale is told about its legendary origin.

The area was originally desolate and swampy, and home only to a fierce ogre. The council needed to expand the town, but everything they built on the land by day, the huge creature would break by night: the timbers were broken, the walls and roofs were smashed. Eventually, a deputation was sent to try and bargain with the ogre. After long and difficult negotiations the ogre agreed to let them use the land provided that they carved an image of his head in the street to remind everyone whose land they were on. "If ever you take my image down, I will come and take the whole street down, in one night!" he roared. That is why to this day there is still the 'Orrible 'Ead of Eagle Street...

Source: Haunted Ipswich by Pete Jennings

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11 Eagle Street Ipswich, England IP4 1JA, United Kingdom

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  • 11 Eagle Street
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Ipswich The 'Orrible 'Ead in Ipswich England

The 'Orrible 'Ead

  • 11 Eagle Street
    Ipswich, England
    IP4 1JA,
    United Kingdom

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