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Affinity PR in Ipswich delivers bespoke marketing and PR campaigns that reach a UK-wide audience of businesses and consumers, often via free editorial and usually without any spend on advertising.

Affinity PR´s clients are organisations of all sizes that want positive exposure in the regional, national and trade media, both offline and online.  Recent clients have included international tourism destinations, UK hotels and venues, professional bodies, family-run businesses, luxury brands, good causes and campaigns.

Affinity PR has special expertise in helping you to prepare for national Awards success, Mystery Shopping, customer service skills training, B2C marketing, hotels and tourism, hospitality and leisure, health and lifestyle sectors.

What began in 2008 as a tiny freelance consultancy, founded by Helen Oldfield at her kitchen table, has now grown into a "virtual full service agency" made up of trusted specialists across every marketing and creative discipline.

Affinity PR is proof that small can indeed be beautiful, combining impressive national outcomes with superb customer service and highly ethical practice (check Our Philosophy if you’d like to know more).

Our belief that you are the best at what you do means we always represent you with passion, conviction and sincerity. We only represent clients with whom we feel a natural affinity (it´s written into our brand values and the company name!) and we always act with integrity, always clear on pricing and choosing not to represent your direct competitors so as to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Affinity PR gives a measurably good return on your investment. Considering that a single advert in a national lifestyle glossy magazine normally costs between £6,000 and £24,000 + vat per page, it´s easy to see the value of Affinity PR.

Check out our clients page to see what they say about us.

No sales and marketing plan is complete without PR because it:-

  • Enhances your credibility and reputation
  • gains powerful media exposure
  • influences your customer’s purchasing decisions
  • creates brand loyalty
  • emotionally engages your customers and followers
  • fast-tracks valuable networking and partnership opportunities
  • can help to manage the impact of any commercially-sensitive news

However hard you work to build your brand, business growth only happens when potential customers know you are there, trust you and understand why you´re the best. So it makes good sense to invest in expert guidance from Affinity PR to raise your profile and manage your reputation.

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