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Grow My Small Business

Make this year the time you grow your business

You've done all the right things in setting up your business, including carrying out the research into your area of specialism, you carried out a review of your potential competitors, and you've identified how your business offering sets you apart.

You've written your business plan ... or maybe you haven't. For some it will be a detailed document outlining your targets for growth, and how you plan to get there. For others, it's an intuitive and individual plan that is in your mind. You know where you're going ... or do you?

You've got the funding in place ... or maybe you haven't. You've secured a start-up bank loan to launch your business, which is now running out. Or maybe you're drawing upon your life savings in an attempt to free you from the rat race of being part of corporate world which you once were part of. Your aim is independence and freedom, and self-fulfillment.

You've had a website built, you've set up the social media pages, you've had a logo designed, and have business cards and stationery printed. You've decorated the {shop/office}, you've purchases a {car/van} and you're off ...

... Only what you discovered is that business isn't growing as you would have expected. You hadn't anticipated having to be an expert in all things. Having given up that stressful job in the city, you hadn't thought you'd be working more hours for yourself than you did before. You thought it would be easier, that it would be more fun.

Is this you? Do you recognise yourself in the above? If you've set up your own business, and are struggling with how to generate sales, or how to use social media and your website management to help grow your business, then we can help.

Grow My Small Business is run by Kevin Barber and Natalie Chaplin. We're experienced in running our own businesses, and have learnt a lot along the way, often though the mistakes we made. We've often considered how useful it would have been to have had a mentor during the early days of working for ourselves, someone to talk to, who would understand and listen, which was one of the reasons we set up Grow My Small Business. Natalie is a qualified Business Mentor and Business Coach, and has spent more than 20 years working with professionals to build their skills and confidence to be successful within their chosen field of work. Natalie is also CIPD qualified, and understands the complexity of managing and working with employees, often an essential element of a growing business - but one which is not always as easy as it first seems.

Grow My Small Business also helps small business owners who want to 'get on and run their business'. We offer practical solutions to small business owners who don't have the time or interest in managing their website, writing blogs or managing their social media accounts. Don't get us wrong, the business owners we work with understand the importance of these mediums for attracting new customers and growing their business, they just want to focus on what they set out to do. Kevin has more than 10 years of working within the field of digital marketing, and in an ever-changing world, he is committed to helping small businesses be informed and responsive to changes so that they can continue to stand out from the crowd.

We also run regular business networking events. Held in venues across Ipswich we work with Ipswich Town & Waterfront to deliver affordable, meaningful business networking which supports the independent and small business community in connecting, and helping them to make new business relationships. You can find out more about our networking events, and find out when our next event takes place by visiting our events page.

So whether your business is retail, business services or lifestyle and leisure we can help. From bookkeepers to funeral directors, plumbers to will writers, we can help you to grow your small business, taking care of the things you don't want to, and leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. After all, isn't that why you started your business in the first place.

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Posted by Grow My Small Business on 17/06/2016

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The Suffolk Enterprise Centre 44 Felaw Street Ipswich, England IP2 8SJ, United Kingdom

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Grow My Small Business

  • 01473 558733
  • The Suffolk Enterprise Centre
    44 Felaw Street
    Ipswich, England
    IP2 8SJ,
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