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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

What is World Environment Day?

On Monday 5th June, the globe is coming together to celebrate World Environment Day. The day encourages protection of the environment to sustain a better world for all of us and generations to come, ensuring a better future for our world. It first came about in 1974 and has become an active concept in over one hundred countries.

World Environment Day inspires people from all over the world to become an active part in changing things for the better in order to create a sustainable world and protect the environment.

Each year, World Environment Day has a theme, and this year is ‘connecting people to nature’. Another component of World Environment Day each year is that there is a host country. The official celebrations this year will be held in Canada, the host country for 2017. The reasoning behind this is that it helps people to recognise the specific environmental challenges that the country faces, as well as addressing global issues too.

How to get involved

There are lots of different ways to get involved in the celebrations of World Environment Day. People will be celebrating by sharing photographs and videos of nature and their favourite parts of our beautiful world.

You can arrange your own event, as many people have done and will do this year. Popular ideas include litter clearance/cleaning up or a hike somewhere beautiful to appreciate the world around us, inspiring people to take better care of it.

Track the hashtag #WorldEnvironmentDay to see what other people have been getting up to, and to connect with them and join in with an event and a get together!

Getting businesses and schools on board is a great way to spread awareness. There are many toolkits available to help your organization have the best day possible, being both fun and beneficial, putting us on the trail to achieving our common goal – a better environment for our future. For schools, these include lesson plans and topics to cover. Getting kids to connect with the environment is really important, and this celebration is the perfect way to help them comprehend the world we live.

The Ipswich Museum

Education for all ages is a main interest at the Ipswich Museum. They have year-round events that promote the importance of history, science and nature. There is a fixed display of natural history, including fossils, animals and birds, which is an exciting way for children to learn about our environment and why we should fight to preserve it. It’s free to get in, and any special events they hold are very reasonably priced.

Take a step in the right direction this World Environment Day and make your environmental footprint a positive one!

For more information on World Environment Day and how to celebrate it, visit their official website.

By Sarah Brandon, Freelance Blogger for Ipswich Town & Waterfront.

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