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Theatre in The Forest - As You Like It

Theatre in The Forest - As You Like It

A creative masterpiece! Fun for all the family.

What an unexpected and highly creative take on Shakespeare’s As You Like it! It couldn’t fail to entertain.

Red Rose Chain theatre company worked tirelessly and expertly to keep the attention of Shakespeare Lovers and those new to the Bard’s work with an eclectic mix of performance styles and expertly showcased their wide range of talents.

The players sang beautifully, danced with dexterity and skilfully played percussion, stringed and wood wind instruments to accompany the action. The musical elements moved the story along, keeping the audience engaged and uplifted throughout.

 It was a thoroughly enchanting production from the setting to the staging and costumes, as well as, of course, the interpretation of the play itself. The audience were amused and interested from the moment they were greeted at the entrance. The small number of actors effected swift costume and character changes to cover the many roles.   

The opportunities for audience participation were a delightful surprise that brought smiles to the faces of young and old.

Being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the forest added something magical to the experience and as the natural light faded clever lighting allowed the stage to become more of a focus.  As you like it lends itself easily to slapstick and this theatre company made the most of this, which had the audience roaring with laughter on many occasions.

This production is a treat suitable for all the family which should not be missed and is available right on the doorstep of those of us who live in Ipswich.

As You Like It runs until 27th August, so there's still time to see it! Click here to book your tickets now.

Review by Sarah Brandon, Freelance Blogger for Ipswich Town & Waterfront.

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