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Silk Road: A Dance Review

Silk Road: A Dance Review

Silk Road: Jose Agudo

DanceEast: Friday 28th April 2017

Silk Road, performed by Jose Agudo and guest performer Mavin Khoo who joined in the second half, was an accomplished binding of fiery and emotional. Beginning with fierce Flamenco, intertwined with a transportation to India, and ranging from upbeat and exciting to mystical and gentle and back again, it was the perfect mix to create an outstanding evening.

The use of music was inspired, with effective use of various percussion, acoustic and electric guitars and using clapping, tapping and voices to set the pace and improve the excitement. A blending of culture was incredibly clear, coming from both the diverse talents of the exceptional live band combined with the different types of dance. The dancers and the musicians expressed their talents both separately and together, complementing each other when they came together and amazing the audience when they took the stage alone.

At one very interesting point, the audience watched in anticipation as Jose took his time to fix an abundance of bells around his legs himself. Demonstrating the process and efforts put into the creation of his work, he moved carefully to pointedly create an enchanting rhythm with these.

The lighting was minimalistic but very important to the show and kept in tone with the performance. It consisted mainly of soft spotlights causing elegant shadows to fall, and at one point the stage was filled with a low orange lighting transporting the audience to the East.

Constantly changing, upbeat in places and relaxing in some, the performance was a true testament to contemporary approaches on classic styles of dance. The audience gave a huge round of applause to the humble and deserving dancers, musicians and technicians, giving a bright and satisfying end to the evening.

Review by Sarah Brandon, undergraduate at University of Suffolk

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