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Maestro - Pulse Festival Ipswich 2017

Maestro - Pulse Festival Ipswich 2017

Keiron Hodgson - welcome to Ipswich! 

And welcome to Pulse Festival Ipswich 2017

And it was Keiron who welcomed the first group of attendees to the packed theatre for the first performance of this year's Pulse Festival Ipswich.

We love the Pulse Festival. 50 shows over 10 days and screamingly good theatre, new, adventurous, sometimes a work in progress, always worth attending. So have you brought tickets yet?  

Step back for a moment to 1st June, and Keiron Hodgson, entering the stage of the New Wolsey Theatre from the rear of the audience, violin in hand. But, let's be honest it wasn't very good ... until you realise that Keiron is playing his younger self, aged 11, learning to play the violin. In fact, Keiron is a very talented musician, as we are about to discover. We follow Keiron through the passage of growing up, a performance of four parts, and through each part there is a love that inspires Keiron to write. To write a symphony - and if you know music, you now know why it is a story of four parts. 

This was a great opener for the Pulse Festival, and the audience were kept entertained and amused with a full set of jokes and humour, fresh and sharp. This one man play was also jam packed with characters, and Keiron demonstrated expertly how a character change the dynamic of a person. As a young boy growing up Keiron discovered a love of music through the composer Gustav Mahler, and throughout the play Mahler makes a number of appearances, but this Austrian composer died in 1911, so Keiron creatively represents Mahler through personalities that the audience connected with, including Morrisey and David Tennant. Very very clever.

Special mention/applaud for the BSL signer. Fast speaking Keiron ensured the signer was kept busy throughout, and her finger signing was lightening quick ... and as if that wasn't enough he then threw in a section of the play in German, some Schoenbergian Sprechgesang, and even what sounded like gibberish. Top marks for a top signer!

For those of you who find a 2-3 show too long, and you easily get the fidgets, then Pulse is perfect for you. With shows that typically last no longer than an hour, you'll easily find the time enjoyably passing by, so much so that you'll likely want to book to see another show the moment you step out afterwards.

Check out the full programme of events that form this year's Pulse Festival by clicking here. Pulse Festival Ipswich takes place once a year, so don't miss out, and be of this very special event that takes place right here in Ipswich.

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