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Ipswich Businesses Recognised

Ipswich Businesses Recognised

What is dementia?

Most people have heard of dementia, but aren't quite sure what exactly it is. As a general explanation, dementia is a progressive disease that affects the brain, and there are many recognisable symptoms. Things like memory, problem-solving and language may become problematic for a person with dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form, accounting for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases, and is a general term for memory loss and degeneration of cognitive functions.

Being dementia friendly

Living with dementia can mean having difficulty performing everyday tasks such as maintaining a social life or just going to the shops. Although the care services do their job caring for those who are affected, it is also up to the rest of us as communities to spread awareness about dementia and help make everyday activities suitable and accessible for those living with it, helping those people to feel included in community life.

Ipswich is a dementia friendly town

There are currently more than 1,600 people living with dementia in Ipswich. The East of England Co-Op is working with the Ipswich Dementia Action Alliance (IDAA) in an effort to make Ipswich a dementia friendly town. Representatives from companies such as the Ipswich Star, and the University of Suffolk and the Sailmakers shopping centre came together in a dementia friendly training session back in 2016, showing that people in Ipswich are really serious about bringing the community of Ipswich together as a dementia friendly town. The East of England Co-Op has over 3,500 employees trained as dementia friends, making information accessible to the people of Ipswich and supporting those people in Ipswich that are living with dementia, or caring for someone with it.

Councillor Roger Fern is committed to making Ipswich dementia friendly

Councillor Roger Fern, Mayor of Ipswich for the last 12 months, strongly believes that people living with dementia have much to contribute to the community, and a right to be enabled to do so. He urges that we try to get into the world of dementia, and adjust ourselves and our community to support and encourage those with dementia.

the mayor of ipswich

Ipswich Town & Waterfront

Being a portal for all things Ipswich, here at Ipswich Town & Waterfront, we believe that we can get the message out there to the community about dementia and hopefully bring the town together to become a dementia friendly community. Ipswich Town & Waterfront is part of a steering group, holding a position of web champion. We manage all new business registrations, moderate all member submissions (including action plans and updates), as well as promoting local events on social media.

The Mayor’s Parlour – 15th May 2017

On this date, a celebration event was held at the Mayor’s Parlour, where more than 30 businesses who had made a contribution in supporting Ipswich in becoming a dementia friendly town were celebrated for their efforts. As well as being presented with certificates in recognition for their contribution, the business representatives joined the Mayor for a group photo to commemorate the event.

How YOU can get involved:

The more people who get involved, the more success we will have in supporting those living with dementia in Ipswich. The IDDA is passionate about helping local people become aware of dementia, and supports many local businesses to understand dementia and help them to get involved. Becoming a Dementia Friend is an active step towards helping Ipswich to become a dementia friendly town, and you can find more about this here: https://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/

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