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Imbalance - A Review

Imbalance - A Review

Presented by Turtle Key Arts & Joli Vyann

In a statement of simplicity, Imbalance aimed to explore the intimate relationships we all have with technology. Through dance and circus acrobatics, Jan Patzke and, for this production, Maélie Palomo (usually Olivia Quayle) jumped, climbed and sometimes held their balance to show our societies mixed relationship with social media.

A simple, wooden table and two wooden chairs greeted the audience as we plodded inside the auditorium and took our seats. The duo entered the stage in a blackout while some soothing songs of Indian origin played to the audience. With some well-timed lighting, the laptops/phones of the duo sparked to life and illuminated their faces. Engrossed in their technology they barely seemed to notice each other, a rather effective statement. Leaving the rest of the stage in darkness it soon became apparent that this scene could be anywhere in our generic lives, a dinner table at home or at a restaurant as well as a work meeting. Effortlessly demonstrating from the moment the power was turned on, that we are reliant on our smart-devices. Dressed in casual grey working clothes, the couple appeared almost robotic which was reflective of how mundane their day to day routine has become as we join their story.

As the dance progressed, they began to explore the positive sides to technology and how it can bring us together while also making comments on how it pushes us apart. The comedic value of someone attempting to be seen in the camera of a skype call and instantly being pushed away was genius. The duo showed how we take for granted the people we share our lives with and how quickly we replace them by digital versions of other friends.

Incorporating their minimalistic set to be practical too, the chairs were built with a slot under the seat in which the laptops and phones could be placed to clear the table of props. Often, other props such as hair gel and coffee cups were also brought onto the stage however they were both metaphorically and physically juggled around. Not only successfully visually representing how we juggle our personal lives, work and technology throughout but also showing how much of a mess these can be together.

Attending this performance has allowed me to reflect on what it is I enjoy most about theatre and think about all the different forms theatre comes in. While I found this performance not to be what I would usually expect or enjoy fully, I still appreciate all the opportunities to attend and experience something new and different. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes and without experiencing different I may be impossible to evolve.

By: Ryan Lenney, student at Suffolk One

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