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Helen Abbey - Live Music in Ipswich

Helen Abbey - Live Music in Ipswich

St Peter's by the Waterfront

2nd June 2017

Helen Abbey and band - you were great! Let's not delay in saying it, and get straight to the point - you were one of the best live music performances we have enjoyed at St Peter's by the Waterfront. In fact, each member of the band was great too, so much so that it felt like an enormous explosion of musical talent! Here, right here in Ipswich.

Jazz by the Waterfront is a series of jazz nights, each one taking place on the first Friday of the month. Each month a different band/singers is in situ, including new as well as returning bands/singers such as the Chris Ingham Trio. Jazz is such a broad genre of music, and jazz music can range from Dixieland to Big Band, Ratpack to Continental Jazz, and each band/singer who visits has their own style. We've been going along to the Jazz Club at St Peter's by the Waterfront for some time now. Mostly we have been entertained and appreciated the diversity in music, especially as much is locally sourced. However, for sure Helen Abbey and her band are the best we have enjoyed yet. 

The evening opened with a musical arrangement by the band: Matthew Keen on keyboards, Alex Best on drums, and Zak Barrett on saxaphone. Summertime, the perfect opener, and played with such intensity it was hard to imagine how the rest of the evening's music could build upon this. 

Enter Helen Abbey, a soulful voice filling the rafters of the church, the acoustics ensuring every note sung resonated throughout the large open space. If you've not heard Helen sing, you'll find her deep and rich voice easily carrying every note with ease and fluency. There was not a bar off-key, nor a word mis-sung. Helen is a natural singer, and the words flow beautifully. Songs included Cry Me A River, Girl from Ipanema, Night and Day, and Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar. Helen also included two pieces she had written herself for her children. If you have a son, you're sure to be moved by this original piece.

But this band was so good that it would be unfair to only mention the skills of the singer. The trio of musicians who support Helen were impressive performers in their own right. So much so, that it is worth checking them out. After all, Zak has performed with the likes of Mick Hucknell, Mica Paris and Martha Reeves, whilst Alex Best has played for EZ Rollers & Sian Evans. And if you want proof of their high-octane musical skills click here to check out the short video we took. 

Jazz by the Waterfront offers you the opportunity to experience a wide mix of music, from singers and bands from across Suffolk and Norfolk. Some you'll enjoy more than others, and so if you enjoy live jazz music, then why not take a visit to St Peter's by the Waterfront. Their next Jazz Night is Friday 7th July. Advance tickets are just £10, and you can also buy on the door for £12. 

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