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Half Term Activities for families

Half Term Activities for families

Ipswich is full of things to do throughout the half term for you and your family. Ipswich Museum is one of the attractions in Ipswich that are offering activities during the holidays to hopefully entertain your children. 

Ipswich Museum is located not far from the centre and is easily accessible by bus and is in walking distance to the Sailmakers shopping centre. There is a show and tell day happening at the museum on Wednesday 31st May 2017 between the hours of 10am and finishing at 3pm. This is a free event and is suitable for any age. On the day it will give your child an opportunity to bring anything they have found whilst out and about. For more information  regarding this event click here. 

Ipswich Museum is famous for the stuffed Woolly Mammoth called Wool I am. Families are more than welcome to go see him anytime. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 5pm and Sundays 11am-5pm. From the Romans to the Egyptians Ipswich Museum has something to satisfy everyone in your family.

Another attraction offering activities this half term is Christchurch Mansion and Christchurch Park. Christchurch Park is picturesque and is ideal for picnics. Enjoy food in the cafe and admire the stunning scenery of both the park and the Mansion.

Christchurch Mansion offers the Katie Trail which allows families to go round the Mansion and complete different puzzles and tasks around the Mansion. If you would like to complete the Katie Trail with your family, please see a member of staff when you arrive at the Mansion and they will be more than happy to assist you. 

If the weather is nice during half term then your children might be interested in feeding the ducks in Christchurch Park. Duck food is available from the Reg Driver centre for £1 a bag. 

From everyone at Ipswich Town and Waterfront we hope that you have a good half term with you friends and family.

By Sophie Cooper 

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