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Fagin's Twist - A Review

Fagin's Twist - A Review

Take all you know about Oliver Twist, and after this show you'll have a completely different picture, less of a poor orphan boy pleading for extra food, and more of an astute, sharp young man demanding more from his life.

Fagin's Twist is a modern day interpretation of the Dickens' classic Oliver Twist. The story starts in the workhouse where we meet a young Fagin along with Bill Sykes. Whilst it seems that Bill is resigned to a future in the workhouse, Fagin has other ideas, and it is not long before the pair have escaped, and begin their lives living on the streets.

Along with Fagin and Sykes are other recognisable characters, namely Nancy, the Artful Dodger and Oliver, although as previously mentioned, Oliver is not so meak and mild mannered as we have come to know in past productions, but a boy who over time becomes a real threat to the future of the empire that Fagin has created.

The urban styled storyline is matched by an extremely powerful stage set. Representing the workhouse, the streets of London and Fagin's home, the set splits and comes back together in angular ways, metal and wood jetties and cages framed by shifting lights result in villainous shadows and creating an atmosphere of fear, mistrust and extremes of poverty. This three part stage set is clearly used at the stage of the play and in the final scene to represent an ascent to power.

The hip-hop inspired choreography directed by Tony Adigun is powerful and enables the audience to really feel the tension and fear of Fagin's gang of thieves. The first scene of the performance is of the dancers engaged in the opening of a hat box which eventually leads to the famous black top hat that belongs to Fagin. This is a powerful teaser of what the rest of the production holds in store. The strong choreography was matched by an intense musical set, filling the dance space until it almost felt as though you could choke from the intensity of the story.

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