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Bring On The Bollywood - A Theatre Review

Bring On The Bollywood - A Theatre Review

Bring On The Bollywood is directed by Samir Bhamra, its set was designed by Richard Evans and the lighting was by Pete Bragg. The show was composed by Devesh Sodha and the lyrics for the song was Robby Khela. 

At the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich on the 16th May 2017 I went to watch Bring Back the Bollywood which is a romantic musical which is about "Katrina Pawar, a British/Asian women returns to her ancestral home in the foothills of the Himalayas for her younger brother, Lucky's wedding, but her meddling mother is also determined to find her a husband. Potential suitors appear in the shape of the dashing bollywood actor, Amit and his newly eligible cousin Ronnie, a withdrawn young man" (taken from a leaflet about bring on the bollywood). Overall the story is a Bollywood romantic comedy about finding yourself and love. 

My opinion of this show is indescribable. This show was amazing. After watching the first act I was left on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen to all the characters and if the first act was going to live up to the first act but it did and it was even more powerful in my opinion. Throughout the piece there was six main dancers and eight main characters/actors all of which act sing and dance making this spectacular show as brilliant as it is. The costumes and lighting in the piece where colourful and powerful making the piece interesting and setting correct and understandable to the audience. The beginning was very powerful with silence and then a large dance number of which really pulled in the audience. Throughout the piece the cast use a lot of humor and jokes in which really creates a sense of reality and made the whole audience laugh I don’t think I could stop laughing at one point because of the amount of truthful jokes they were using the brilliantly written script. Not only that but the cast talked to the audience in the piece making us feel included and more engaged in the story.  

I believe the piece had a large theme of old vs new. They used references of new and old films, technology, clothes and language all of which made the piece even more powerful and engaging toward the audience. I believe they were trying to convey a message to the audience that even with something that goes wrong life can always be sorted out and that love may be found in the most unsuspecting of places and when I asked some of my fellow audience they fully agreed. 

Its very hard for me to think of something to criticise about this piece because of how good it was, the only thing I could say was that in around two of the songs they are mouthing the words which I believe they were supposed to be singing but I do understand why because they were doing a large dance number as well. Also they used Indian language a little bit of which may confuse some people but I still think even if you don't know Indian you can still follow the story. 

Overall the show had a great use of movement, dance, singing, acting, costume, colour and music all of which make the audience feel involved and part of this magical story. I would definitely give it a 10/10  because of the different genres included and how powerful the piece was. Would definitely go and see it again. And a must see for anyone. 

Review by Adele Allard, Ipswich Academy.

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